Alden Ehrenreich was the first to audition for the role of young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film. While he ultimately landed the coveted role, the casting process was pretty competitive, as spoofed in a batch of fake audition tapes that aired on Conan this weekend.

Melissa McCarthy is a highlight of the gag, which also includes auditions from Will Arnett, Jodie Foster, and more. In the clip, the Ghostbusters star dons a fake wig and a Solo costume for a monologue that includes her mistaking parsec for parsnips. “Parsnips is funnier,” she says before throwing a tantrum. “No one knows what a parsec is.”

The video kicks off with Bill Hader, who helped bring the voice of BB-8 to life in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The SNL vet tries using a number of impressions, including young Jabba the Hutt, to win over the casting director.

Other standouts include Adam Sandler (who channels his Billy Madison character), 50 Cent, and Jeff Goldblum at his Goldblum-iest. “If I get the part, I’ll research — believe you me — what all that means so I can give it a little more credibility,” the Independence Day: Resurgence actor says.

Watch the fake audition tapes above.


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