By Nick Romano
Updated March 19, 2017 at 10:56 PM EDT
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Vixen will soon be joining the Legends of Tomorrow crew, but it’s time to revisit what brought this DC heroine back to the limelight. Out of Comic-Con comes the first footage from season 2 of Vixen, CW Seed’s animated web series within the ArrowFlash universe.

The first go of six episodes gave an origin story to Mari McCabe, who can summon the abilities of animals through the mystic Tantu Totem around her neck. She’s now fully formed as Vixen, and the first season 2 clip shows her fighting against the Weather Wizard alongside The Flash and Firestorm.

As shown, Mari must take down the villain while the scarlet speedster works to stop a rolling tsunami from demolishing the city.

Grant Gustin reprises his DC hero in animated form, while Megalyn E.K. returns as the voice of Vixen. The actress, who brought her character into the live-action space for Arrow, was unavailable when the network wanted to bring her onto Legends of Tomorrow season 2.

The Originals’ Maisie Richardson-Sellers will instead play Vixen’s grandmother Amaya Jiwe, who held the title before it passed to Mari.

Vixen’s animated adventures will continue this fall on CW Seed. Watch the season 2 clip above.

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