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Updated July 23, 2016 at 06:59 PM EDT
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Unfortunately, Tiffany couldn’t replicate her sister Vanessa’s success in the Big Brother house. The high school teacher was sent packing on Thursday after an emotional week, and didn’t manage to beat out Victor in the Battle Back comp to re-enter the game.

Looking back on her game, Tiffany says she wishes that she had aligned herself with Frank sooner. She also agreed with Julie Chen that if Vanessa had never been a houseguest, she might have had a better chance at winning.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you surprised that every vote to evict was for you this week?

TIFFANY ROUSSO: Oh no. Nobody has the cojones in that house to make big moves and everyone is scared to go against the HOH. On one hand, I understand, and on another, I wish people would have stuck their necks out and risked making a big move to save someone who would have been loyal in the game.

Do you have any regrets in how you played?

I wish I would have been in more people’s ears early on and not tried to lay low. Being that I came into the house with somewhat of a target on my back, it wasn’t in my best interest to go with my initial strategy to lay low.

How do you think your game would’ve been different if Vanessa had never played Big Brother?

I wouldn’t have been viewed as such a threat and I probably would have flown under the radar a lot longer.

You started working more closely with Frank only in the last week. Do you wish you had aligned with him sooner?

Definitely. I wish I would have talked to him and squashed the rumors of us targeting each other that Da’Vonne has started and work with him from the get go. He’s very loyal and an awesome competitor.

Who were you hoping would win the Battle Back competition after yourself?

Glenn. He was such a sweetheart. He was so happy, even being there for a day.

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