Gavankar's Diana has a 'connection' to Crane
Credit: Tasia Wells/Getty Images

Could Crane (Tom Mison) have found the new Witness?

Janina Gavankar (True Blood) is set to guest star on Sleepy Hollow, Fox announced Friday. Gavankar will play Diana, a single mom and former military officer who is currently a Special Agent for Homeland Security.

The network describes Diana as a “tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor,” but her softer side emerges with her young daughter. And, seeing as how she doesn’t believe in the supernatural, she’s sure to conflict with Crane. The pair also clash “because they have different ways of approaching missions: While he’s methodical and research-focused, she’s active and task-oriented, which is reflective of her military training.”

Diana is devoted mother who “will do anything” to protect her daughter, an instinct Crane appreciates. She rarely speaks about the father of her child.

Adds the network, “After her partner goes down in the line of duty, she and Crane will find common ground in their shared sense of loss. And the two of them will quickly realize they have another important point of connection — though not one anyone would expect at first.”

If that connection is going to last, it sounds like Diana had better start believing in the supernatural.

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