Special edition will feature new Noel Gallagher mix and previously unreleased demos

By Derek Lawrence
Updated July 22, 2016 at 03:02 AM EDT
Credit: Marco Prosch/Getty Images

Nearly two decades after Oasis’ third album, Be Here Now, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, the British band is sharing previously unreleased tracks.

Big Brothers Recording has announced that Oasis’ third album, Be Here Now will be re-released on Oct. 7 with new and previously unheard content. The release is part of the Chasing the Sun series, which in 2014 did the same with the band’s first two records.

The special edition album will include 14 previously unreleased demos recorded live by the band in 1996 while in the Caribbean, audio of a live performance at Knebworth Park, and a new Noel Gallagher mix of their hit “D’You Know What I Mean?”

“As the years went by, I’d started to accept that the songs on ‘Be Here Now’ were in fact insanely long… too long,” said Gallagher in a statement. “Someone (I can’t remember who) had the idea that we revisit, re-edit the entire album for posterity’s sake. We got as far as the first track before we couldn’t be arsed anymore and gave up….it does sound f—ing mega though!”

Gallagher’s new version is available to stream and purchase now.