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With Americans still processing Donald Trump’s 76-minute nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to analyze the businessman and former reality TV host’s rhetoric. Warren, a populist politician who has been considered one of Hillary Clinton’s potential running mates, has not been shy about attacking Trump on Twitter, during speeches on the campaign trail, or while appearing on TV. She wasn’t shy about calling him out on Thursday night, either.

“That speech tonight, he sounded like some two-bit dictator of a country you couldn’t even find on a map,” Warren said. “He sounded like the dictator of a small country rather than someone running for the highest office of the strongest democracy on the face of this earth.”

As has been his practice since taking over The Late Show, Colbert tried to acknowledge both sides of the issue. After all, if voters really are so angry, what’s wrong with Trump trying to provide answers? Warren acknowledged that many voters “have good reasons to be angry” — flat incomes, student debt — but that Trump wasn’t the one to provide answers.

“What he’s really talking about is what he’s talked about all his life, and that’s how to improve the world for Donald Trump,” Warren said. “I heard the part where he was talking about taxes. He said, ‘Argh, biggest tax cuts…I’m the only guy who wants to do tax cuts.’ What he failed to mention was that Donald Trump would get about a $1.3 million tax cut out of that deal. He just takes care of Donald Trump first, last, and everything in between.”

Watch the clip below.

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