Neil Gaiman and producers introduced the footage during the Starz show's massive panel
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American Gods (Book)

You are what you worship, and what you’re about to worship is Starz’s new fantasy series.

American Gods unveiled its first trailer on Friday during the show’s first-ever panel at Comic-Con, where author Neil Gaiman (who penned the 2001 novel on which the show is based) joined executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and a handful of stars from the upcoming 2017 series.

For fans who have read Gaiman’s fantasy novel, the trailer is a sight to behold, but it’s equally enticing for newcomers eager to be inducted into the world of American Gods next year.

Here’s the crux of the show: There are the old gods (like Odin, Sheba, and leprechauns) who were brought over to the country over the centuries by immigrant believers from around the world; their power is waning, as those believers are dying out. Meanwhile, a new breed of gods have risen in America, born from our obsession with media, celebrity, money, technology, and more. American Gods charts the battle between the dying old gods and the rising new ones, all of whom are desperately clashing for your attention and craving your worship.

The trailer kicked off with Shadow’s (Ricky Whittle) release from prison and his arrival at his wife Laura’s funeral, followed by his first meeting with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), who recruits Shadow to join him in a cross-country journey to bring the old gods gang back together. Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) warns Shadow about the mysterious man he’s about to do business with. Cloris Leachman pops up as well, as does Yetide Badaki’s Bilquis, Bruce Langley’s Technical Boy, Crispin Glover’s Mr. World, and Peter Stormare’s fearsome Czernobog (and his equally fearsome hammer).

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American Gods (Book)
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