By Allison Sadlier
Updated July 22, 2016 at 05:35 PM EDT
Credit: Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

Adele really loves her fans, and during one of her recent 25 shows she proved it with a kiss. The award-winning singer accidentally gave a fan a wet one when she pulled someone from the crowd onstage and accidentally gave them a kiss on the mouth.

The 21-year-old Nigerian fan, identified on Twitter as @BadManWizz, pulled out his phone to take a picture with Adele. As she went in to kiss him on the cheek, he turned his head earning himself a peck on the lips. The whole crowd immediately burst into laughter. “Thank god my man ain’t here,” joked Adele. Fortunately audience members caught the whole thing on camera.

The fan posted about his experience on Twitter saying, “Adele has hit the stage! And here I am with her! Who gon check me boo.”

See the full video of the encounter below.