By Chancellor Agard
Updated July 21, 2016 at 05:19 PM EDT
Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix

The hunt for Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) is on!

Netflix has released the new trailer for Narcos season 2, which picks up where the first season left off. Escobar is still on the run, and law enforcement, still reeling from the drug kingpin’s escape from prison, is more determined than ever to take him down.

“It was the biggest law enforcement blunder of all time, and now we wanted payback,” says DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), via voiceover, in the explosive trailer. An alliance forms between the U.S. and Colombia with the express purpose of capturing Escobar. “This wasn’t a manhunt. This was an invasion.”

Season two will definitely be the end of the line for Escobar. In June, Moura revealed on Chelsea that the show will wrap up his Escobar’s story in the upcoming season, which takes place over the course of a month. “It’s all about Pablo on the run,” Moura told host Chelsea Handler. “It’s from the day Pablo escapes to his death.”

Narcos, which also stars Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), returns Friday, Sept. 2 on Netflix.

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