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This year’s Republican National Convention has faced several problems. In addition to sabotage attempts from politicians within their own party, the convention has also suffered from a distinct lack of minority presence. In fact, the speaker slate at the convention has so far included more members of the Trump family than Hispanics. So when Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” came to the RNC for a special edition, co-host Michael Che parodied Pokémon Go with “Trumpemon Go,” an attempt to find rare minorities at the convention.

“As Trump would always say, let’s round up some brown people!” Che said.

Che was able to find such rare minorities as “Selfie Stick Black Man” and “Asian Man,” but it wasn’t long before co-host Colin Jost was suggesting a wall mural of Aladdin. By the time a fellow convention-goer called him “Jay Pharoah,” Che was done with the whole thing.

Watch the clip below.

Weekend Update

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