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July 21, 2016 at 09:54 PM EDT

Pokémon Go may be taking over the world, but Dave Franco and Emma Roberts say their new film Nerve serves as a cautionary tale for gamers. The stars stopped by the EW studio at San Diego Comic-Con to dish about their tech-y thriller.

“The first half, you’re like, ‘All right, this is fun,’ and then inevitably it goes horribly wrong,” Franco says. The film serves as a commentary on a fame-driven culture, Franco explains, with characters going to incredible lengths for attention and glory.

Nerve, out July 27, centers on an app that dares its users to do incredible and potentially dangerous acts. Based on the Jeanne Ryan novel by the same name, the film follows Vee (Roberts) as she breaks out of her comfort zone by downloading the “Nerve” game, soon crossing paths with Franco’s Ian. While their daring escapades start out harmless enough, Vee and Ian soon find themselves at the dangerous mercy of the anonymous “watchers” who now control their fate.

In comparing it to the latest video game craze Pokémon Go, which both have yet to play, Franco added with a laugh, “You know what though? If you like Pokémon Go, you are gonna love our movie.”

The pair also discussed filming in New York City, including one sequence that had Franco and Roberts running through Bergdorf Goodman department store in only their underwear. “It’s on screen for maybe five to 10 minutes, but we shot that over the course of two days,” Franco said. “So that’s us in our underwear in front of hundreds of crew members for two days. So that was cool.”

Watch Franco and Roberts discuss riding a motorcycle down Fifth Avenue, Roberts overcoming her fear of heights, and more in the full interview above.

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