Named because he literally has two tubes hanging from his face

By Devan Coggan
July 21, 2016 at 07:32 PM EDT

We’ve already met plenty of ragtag rebels from the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, from the street-smart Jyn Erso to the security droid K-2SO. But Disney has traveled from a galaxy far, far away all the way to San Diego Comic-Con to introduce a new face: the mercenary pilot Edrio Two Tubes.

Edrio is on display now at the Lucasfilm Pavilion at Comic-Con, and the official Star Wars Facebook page shared a few photos of the mysterious pilot, as well as some details about his backstory.

He and his eggmate, Benthic, hail from a planet called Yar Togna, and they earned the nickname “Two Tubes” from the apparatus that helps them breathe and process oxygen. When the Empire invaded Yar Togna, Edrio fled as a refugee and teamed up with rebel Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) to take down the Empire.

At last week’s Star Wars Celebration in London, we got another glimpse at some of Rogue One’s new galactic creatures, including a military leader named Pao and a machine-gun-wielding alien known as Bistan.

“It wasn’t like, ‘We’ve got this character, we need to design a creature for it, and here’s what this creature’s like,’” Edwards said at Star Wars Celebration. “It was more like we told the creature department to come up with a thousand ideas, and then it was like casting the movie. There were walls and walls of these different types of characters that we could’ve picked from. We just went through them, like, ‘God, he’s fascinating… Who’s that…? And she looks amazing…! And what’s that there?’ Slowly, we got it down to our top hundred, and then it got even more refined.”

Check out all the new photos of Edrio Two Tubes below. Rogue One hits theaters on Dec. 16.

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