July 21, 2016 at 10:29 PM EDT

The team behind this fall’s MacGyver reboot wants fans of the original to know they respect the classic ’80s series.

“I did grow up with MacGyver when it was first on air. I loved the character, and I had been pursuing this particular project for a long time now,” filmmaker James Wan, who directed the pilot episode, said in an interview with EW at Comic-Con on Thursday.

Wan and Peter Lenkov worked on this new version of MacGyver, and Lenkov explained how the biggest challenge the show faces at the moment lies in convincing fans the reboot was warranted.

“The challenge are people with their arms folded,” Lenkov said. “The people saying, ‘Why are you bringing this back? This is a show that was a beloved franchise. I grew up with it. I watched it with my family.’ I want to make sure those people who know the original show see value in the product we’re bringing back. I want them to see that we’re very respectful to the source material, but we’re also adding some new things.”

The new MacGyver stars Lucas Till as the title character, who gets by using his ingenuity and skills and not a gun. “The time is right for it because it’s a very different hero than what’s on the TV landscape right now,” Lenkov said, adding MacGyver is a “cerebral hero.”

Lenkov is a TV veteran, who is also executive producer on fellow CBS series Hawaii 5-0. So might there be a crossover in the MacGyver future? “I’m hoping,” he teased. “There is a seed that’s been planted in the pilot that if we take advantage of that could lead to a crossover.”

MacGyver premieres Friday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c on CBS.

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