By Devan Coggan
July 21, 2016 at 08:02 PM EDT
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What good is a horror flick without a super creepy house? (Preferably with lots of squeaky stairs and a dark, moldy basement.)

In the upcoming Lights Out, which opens this weekend, an extremely unsettling house features front and center, but when cast members Maria Bello, Alexander Dipersia, Teresa Palmer, and Gabriel Bateman stopped by EW’s studio at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, they wanted to make it explicitly clear that the house wasn’t actually haunted.

“I always feel bad for the people who own that house,” Bello said. “I just want to make it clear to everyone, we made it look scary. They don’t have a scary house, and there’s no ghost in their house.”

Still, that doesn’t mean spooky things didn’t happen on set. And in fact, the cast members are a little worried that they may have accidentally invited some unwanted supernatural guests. Oops.

“A week after we finished shooting the basement scene [which] is very terrifying, I got a call from friends saying, ‘Turn on the news,’” Dipersia said. “And the house was on fire, like right after we finished shooting. From the basement, smoke was emanating up. We cursed that place.”

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