In the weeks leading up to Ransom Riggs’ new story collection, Tales of the Peculiar, which is set in the Miss Peregrine’s universe, the author will reveal photos and letters from one of Miss Peregrine’s sister ymbrynes. These letters and photos will contain clues as part of a wider search for her location. So, readers, get ready to collect these clues and figure out the mystery!

EW is thrilled to present your first clue:


A new photo from the world of Miss Peregrine has come to light in the form of a distress call from America. Miss Crake, an old ymbryne friend of Miss Peregrine, is in peril, and sends a letter with a photograph enclosed. The message reads:

Alma — forgive my brevity, but my loop and all I have worked for are in danger. I am in hiding, pursued by enemies, and cannot tend to my loop. However, I have arranged things so all that’s needed to prevent my loop’s collapse is for a single peculiar to enter it by September the third (a date well-known to you, surely). Otherwise it will disappear forever, and with it my life’s work. I cannot tell you where it is outright, in case this message is intercepted by some hostile party, but I trust that those with peculiar intuition will be able to follow my trail, of which the photograph enclosed is the first breadcrumb. Very humbly yours, Winnifred Crake.”

Miss Peregrine is away on ymbryne business when the letter arrives, so it’s up to one of her former wards, Millard Nullings, an invisible boy and the most scholarly of the peculiars, to help Miss Crake. Over the course of the coming weeks, Millard will uncover additional images which will lead him to a previously unknown Loop in North America, due to reset on Saturday, September 3.

As readers will remember from the first book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Loop Day is September 3, 1940 — the loop Miss Peregrine set to protect her charges from a bombing. This year, Loop Day marks the release of Tales of the Peculiar, Riggs’ new collection of fairy tales containing never-before-known information about the peculiar world and the locations of other loops across the globe.

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