Credit: Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

This might be the wildest Pokémon Go story yet. A young woman, who wishes to remain anonymous out of embarrassment, had to call 911 after getting stuck in a tree… in a cemetery. The New Jersey woman had climbed the tree to capture a Pokémon, but could not get down on her own.

“She was a little embarrassed at that point,” East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue Chief Rob Gould III told reporters.

First responders helped the woman down from the tree using a ladder. The township’s fire and rescue team posted pictures of responders at work on its’ Facebook page with a cautionary warning:

“Well we’ve all heard of firemen rescuing cats in stuck in a tree,” the township’s fire and rescue squad posted on its Facebook page alongside several photos of the team at work and the header, “Public Safety Message Of The Day.”

The woman wasn’t the first person to find themselves in danger as they tried to catch ’em all. The popular app has led to a person falling off a cliff, walking into traffic, and being shot at while playing. Rooster Teeth recently created a video highlighting the 22 worst places to play the game.