Credit: DC Entertainment

For his new DC imprint Young Animal, ex-My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way is readying four series, including Doom Patrol (out Sept. 14), which is inspired by Grant Morrison’s notably strange overhaul of the superhero-team title back in the ’90s.

“The thing about Grant’s run that really connected to me was, these characters in Doom Patrol, they’re all outsiders,” Way, who is writing the title himself, tells EW. “In a lot of ways, the comic dealt with mental illness and that really connected with me back then. I want to deal with therapy and all that stuff. I felt it was time to reintroduce that energy to the reading public. Doom Patrol is the kind of book where they can rescue an alien planet or they can go to a punk show.”

The rebooted Doom Patrol is also the kind of comic whose No. 1 issue can come complete with a sticker of a gyro sandwich on the cover. “It’s a direct nod to Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground,” Way says. “Warhol is a huge influence on the way I approached this incarnation of Doom Patrol. Like, I thought Doom Patrol could be a big pop art project.”

Also due from Young Animal? Mother Panic, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, and a fresh take on Steve Ditko’s Shade, the Changing Man called Shade, the Changing Girl (out October), written by Cecil Castellucci.

“Shade has a long history of being transformative and changing bodies,” Way says. “The character that’s in Shade the Changing Girl is related to Rac Shade. A lot of people think Shade is the first name of the character. Shade is the last name of the character. So, our character, Lola, is directly related in some way to Rac Shade. She’s somebody that is a free spirit and ends up finding this place on earth that she thinks is going to be a lot of fun. She ends up in the body of this teenage bully who is in a coma and realizes things are going to be a little more complicated that she thought.”

You can see an exclusive image from the new Doom Patrol, by artist Nick Derrington, above.