By Dylan Kickham
July 20, 2016 at 03:06 PM EDT

Not all of the action in Fast 8 is going to be on the streets: Dwayne Johnson is pumping fans up for the upcoming movie by promising one of the greatest prison scenes of all time.

“In the history of cinema, there have been jail scenes, prison scenes. This is the prison scene of all prison scenes,” Johnson said in an Instagram video by Fast 8 director F. Gary Gray. “And we are kicking f—king ass.”

A couple of weeks ago, Johnson revealed a first look at his character of Hobbs in a prison yard. Hobbs might be behind bars for some of the new movie, but not for all of it. Johnson also posted a new set photo of his character walking away from a car wreck.

Fast 8 will race into theaters April 14, 2017. See the Instagram clip below.