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Anne Hathaway is paying tribute to the man who made her a princess.

Garry Marshall, the renowned writer and director known for shows like Happy Days and films like Pretty Woman, died Tuesday at the age of 81. Dozens of Marshall’s Hollywood friends and collaborators have spoken out on social media to pay tribute to the beloved filmmaker, and Hathaway is adding her voice to the chorus of people mourning Marshall’s death.

“Garry was goodness itself,” Hathaway wrote on Facebook. “He was generous. He was kind beyond kind. He was thoughtful and sweet and so funny you would pee yourself a little. I met him when I was a child who thought she was a grownup; he treated me with grace and patience and respect and always, always love. I’m so happy I made three films with him. I’m so happy he blessed my son in my belly the last time I saw him (we never think it will be the last time).”

Hathaway also reflected on working with Marshall on The Princess Diaries, in the role in that made her a household name.

“Before we made The Princess Diaries, he told me, ‘You never know if a movie is going to be a hit or not. The only thing you can control is the memories you make when shooting it. So, let’s make some good memories,'” Hathaway added. “That advice changed my life even more than the film did.”

Marshall directed the 2001 comedy The Princess Diaries, starring Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis, a San Francisco high school student who learns that she’s secretly the princess of a small European country called Genovia. Julie Andrews played Mia’s grandmother, Queen Clarisse, and the Disney comedy was a massive hit, spawning a 2004 sequel and making scores of girls across the country fall head-over-heels for Mia’s crush Michael Moscovitz (Robert Schwartzman).

Hathaway also appeared in Marshall’s 2010 ensemble rom-com Valentine’s Day, playing a phone sex operator trying to juggle her job and her burgeoning relationship with her new boyfriend (Topher Grace).

Earlier this year, Marshall told Larry King that he had met with both Hathaway and Andrews to discuss the possibility of a Princess Diaries 3, but nothing has been officially announced. Chris Pine, who starred as Mia’s love interest in the sequel Royal Engagement, has also expressed interest in reprising his role.

“Garry was a Hero,” Hathaway added. “Not a run-into-a-burning-building-to-save-a-hampster hero per se, but he looked on the bright side of every situation and was unfailingly warm and loving to everyone he met. How simple. How extraordinary. Garry: for a kid from the Bronx with weak lungs, you did good. I’m happy to have known you. I can never thank you enough for my life. I’m going to do my best to be just like you. I love you.”

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