He's back!

By Nick Maslow
Updated July 20, 2016 at 12:29 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

He doesn’t say a word — but Tape Face sure knows how to get people talking. And he did it again Tuesday night, returning to the America’s Got Talent stage with another unpredictable routine.

The mime kicked things off by channeling a pilot and an airplane at the same time. Donning a pilot’s flight cap and goggles while using a toothbrush as a propeller and his arm as a wing, Tape Face took flight (sort of!) as the audience giggled away.

His toothbrush wound up on the ground, and Tape Face needed a backup plan. That’s when Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” came blaring through the speakers. The mime balanced his stomach on the stool and spun around, perfectly simulating a skydive.

But true to form, Tape Face had more than a couple tricks up his sleeve. The next thing the audience knew, Howie Mandel was on stage and found himself getting covered with tape. AGT‘s fan-favorite mime added an envelope and pencil to the mix and used Mandel’s upper body to create a talking smiley face. Although he looked nervous at first, Mandel eventually laughed once he got what it was all about.

Tape Face’s latest routine has to be seen to be fully understood. Watch his appearance in the video below, and then relive the magic of his viral debut in May.

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