Wilco, Schmilco, Sept. 9
Credit: Douglas Mason/Getty Images

Wilco have given their albums silly names before — Wilco (The Album) and last year’s Star Wars stand out — but their newly announced tenth LP might have the goofiest title yet: The band shared news late Monday that they’ll release their new record Schmilco on Sept. 9.

According to a press release, Schmilco is “mostly an acoustic collection” and “bears neither the vicious, fuzz-glam guitars of Star Wars, not the dazzling, baroque-ish arrangements that fans have come to expect from Wilco. But in their place is a spaciousness and chaos that might feel welcome after 20-some years of enjoyed but now-familiar Wilco releases. It is an intentionally loose affair.” Frontman Jeff Tweedy wrote Schmilco‘s 12 songs, which he describes as “joyously negative.”

Wilco released Star Wars — their first album since 2011’s The Whole Loveas a surprise last July, and they shared a new track, “Locator,” on Thursday to celebrate its first anniversary. “Locator” will appear on Schmilco, as will “If I Ever Was a Child,” which Wilco shared with the new album’s announcement. Hear that track below.