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One of the strangest things about the past year or so is how Stephen Colbert abandoned the satirical persona he developed over nine years of The Colbert Report in favor of a more dignified stint at mainstream late-night just as American politics went completely insane. When it came time to cover this year’s Republican National Convention (already beset by accusations of plagiarism and an attempted intra-party coup), Colbert couldn’t take it anymore. He resurrected his old self, who triumphantly rode into the studio at the head of a red, white, and blue gladiatorial procession) . After all, who better to comment on Trump than a media personality who also tried running for president as a joke once? Colbert brought one of his signature bits back along with him: The Word. This time, The Word was “Trumpiness.”

Trumpiness takes “truthiness,” which Colbert famously coined to describe “things that feel true even if it isn’t supported by facts,” a step further.

“Truthiness was from the gut, but Trumpiness comes from much further down the gastro-intestinal tract,” Colbert said. He elaborated, “These legitimately angry voters don’t need a leader to say things that are true, or feel true. They need a leader to feel things that feel feels.”

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