Credit: Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

Scott Baio, a featured speaker during Monday night’s Republican National Convention, was called out by MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall on Tuesday for a tweet he sent about Hillary Clinton earlier this month.

On July 10, Baio posted a meme to his Twitter account of Clinton, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, blocking the letter “o” on a sign that read “count.” The effect made it look as if the sign spelled out the C-word. “This may be the best meme out there,” Baio wrote in the tweet.

Confronted by Hall about the tweet on MSNBC, Baio denied any wrongdoing or ill intent — and also refused to admit he added commentary to the image, despite previously stating it was “the best meme out there.”

“Tamron, you can look at that any way you want. It’s the word ‘count.’ That’s what she’s standing in front of. I just put it up there. There’s no commentary attached to it. I didn’t call her anything. And the fact that you question my faith by putting up a picture… is not nice.”

Shown another tweet he sent about Michelle Obama in 2010, Baio added, “That tweet was a joke. I’m a guy from Brooklyn. I have a certain sense of humor. I sit with my buddies and we smoke cigars and we make jokes.”

During his speech on Monday, Baio said electing Donald Trump as president would help “make America America again,” a play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

On Tuesday, Hall spoke those words back to the former Charles in Charge star, asking him, “Does joking about a woman that way make America great again? Does it make America America again?”

Baio’s defense of the Clinton tweet is similar to posts he’s made on social media. “I NEVER called her that name. You ASSUMED. I’ve already proven your lies! Retract/apologize,” he wrote in response to a Jezebel article.

“Here’s a picture. Show me exactly where I CALLED her, a name or anything?” Baio wrote to another user.

See video of the interview below.