By Samantha Highfill
July 19, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Marcel might not be the villain of The Originals, but he ended the show’s third season in a way that’s not going to sit well with the Mikaelsons. Not only is Klaus locked away in a state of torment, but Freya, Rebekah, and Elijah also face life-threatening poisons. Yeah, it’s complicated. So here’s everything you need to know before The Originals hits the Comic-Con stage for Saturday’s panel.

Where we left off: Klaus sacrificed himself to save his siblings. More specifically, Marcel stabbed Klaus with Papa Tunde’s blade and then buried him behind a brick wall, leaving Klaus to suffer endlessly while his siblings exist in a magical safe space created by Freya. And with all of the Original siblings unable to help themselves, it falls on Hayley to find a cure for Marcel’s bite (for Elijah), Rebekah’s hex, Freya’s poison, and pretty much everything you can think of.

What we know about season 4: Although the show won’t come back until midseason, there’s a lot to look forward to. Showrunner Michael Narducci spoke to EW about his desire to explore what life’s like in the dreamscape for the siblings and how they’ll all be changed when they finally escape it. In terms of new faces, Containment‘s Christina Moses has been cast as Keelin, “a smart, strong, resourceful ER doctor — and the last living werewolf of her line. Keelin is openly bisexual, warm, and unguarded by nature; but after the rest of her family was hunted to extinction, she went into hiding, and since then, she’s deliberately avoided getting too close to anyone. She lives in fear of being discovered by the wrong people and has no idea that she’s currently on a collision course with the Mikaelsons.”

Comic-Con burning question: Can the Mikaelsons ever forgive Marcel?

Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies star as Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson in this Vampire Dairies spin-off about the first family of vampires, their life in New Orleans, and the witches and werewolves who live there.
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