Andrew Lincoln's car may never be the same
Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Danger lurks everywhere in the world of The Walking Dead, and the same could be said of the hit AMC show’s set — at least for one of Norman Reedus’ unlucky cast mates.

For the latest in a series of pranks pulled on Andrew Lincoln, Reedus packed the vents of his costar’s car full of glitter and then recorded the aftermath in a video posted to Instagram.

In the video — which Reedus captioned “Glitter attack successful” — poor Lincoln looks bewildered as tiny colored flakes cascade from his vehicle’s air conditioning outlets.

“It’s still going, dude,” Lincoln says as a laughing Reedus approaches. “How much did you f‑‑‑ing put in there?”

“Have a nice ride home in the heat, bro,” Reedus replies.

With his latest shenanigans, Reedus takes a commanding 3-0 lead over Lincoln in what has been described as a prank war between the two. Reedus previously snuck a novelty license plate onto Lincoln’s car without him noticing and filled his trailer full of chickens.

Your move, Mr. Lincoln.

See the fallout from Reedus’ glitter attack above.

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