By Christian Holub
Updated July 19, 2016 at 01:38 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Now that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s running mate, it’s a safe bet that campaign observers will soon learn everything there is to know about him. Seth Meyers, for his part, used Monday’s “A Closer Look” segment to dive deep into Pence’s history and his role in the Trump campaign so far.

The Trump-Pence partnership kicked off Friday with the unveiling of a new logo, which was widely mocked online for looking like, in Meyers’ words, “someone pulling Venetian blinds to the side to watch a couple of letters bone.” It continued with a joint interview on 60 Minutes that appeared to have taken place at “Saddam Hussein’s chair warehouse.” Most of the interview with Lesley Stahl was dominated by Trump himself, although he occasionally allowed Pence to get a word in edgewise.

“Trump treats Pence like someone taking their kid to a grown-up party for the first time,” Meyers said. “Go ahead, you can answer, show them all your big-boy words.”

Stahl tried pressuring Pence to answer for Trump’s more outrageous statements, such as his support for reinstating waterboarding and other forms of torture. “Of course Pence is okay with torture,” said Meyers. “He sat for this entire interview,” Meyers said.

Watch the clip below.

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