Part VIII of EW's coverage of the six-guns and sorcery saga.

By Anthony Breznican
July 19, 2016 at 06:05 PM EDT
Ilze Kitshoff

Stephen King readers know one of the fascinating elements of The Dark Tower is just how intricately nuanced its realms can be.

As Entertainment Weekly wraps up its First Look coverage of the movie, which hits theaters on Feb. 17, we’re offering up the images in higher resolution for those who want to decorate their computer desktops, social media pages, and fan sites — or just zoom in to soak up the details of director Nikolaj Arcel’s imagery.

Especially interesting are all the drawings on the wall of Jake Chambers’ bedroom, representing the visions the teenage boy has been having of another time and place.

There’s a tower with a crimson flame inside it, containing an ominous face; a lone figure standing on a bare hilltop; and images of chained people being used as “breakers” to attack the tower. He’s seeing another world, but it is perilously close to crashing into our own if The Dark Tower falls.

So reach through the thinny, and prepare to encounter worlds that are closer than they appear.

Ilze Kitshoff

Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger, peering into the desert of Mid-World.

Ilze Kitshoff

 Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers, a boy with a psychic “shine” that allows him to see things from other realities.

Ilze Kitshoff

 Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, striding among bowing vampires, demons, and taheen beneath the sigul of the Crimson King.


 The Gunslinger, standing before an altar to the Crimson King, deep in the heart of the Dixie Pig — a hive of otherworldly predators located in our own New York City.

Ilze Kitshoff

 Jake inside Dutch Hill, a seemingly abandoned mansion in Brookly that comes to life when he tries to cross through the portal contained within.

Ilze Kitshoff

 The waste lands of Mid-World can be a lonely place for a boy.

Ilze Kitshoff

 Roland and Jake meet up and venture forth to the Manni village, full of shaman who know other paths between worlds.

Jessica Miglio

 Jake brings Roland to the strangest place he’s ever seen — our world.

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