By Dylan Kickham
July 19, 2016 at 08:47 PM EDT
Eric McCandless/Freeform

Young & Hungry fans may soon have another series to sate their appetites. Wednesday’s episode of the four-season Freeform sitcom will also serve as a pilot for a spin-off series tentatively titled Young & Sofia, which will follow the life and career of Aimee Carrero’s character, Sofia. EW caught up with Ashley Tisdale, who both stars in the new series as Sofia’s domineering new boss Logan Rawlings and serves as an executive producer, to find out what fans can expect from the potential spin-off.

“It’s more of a workplace comedy [than Young & Hungry], so you get to establish new characters, and I think it’s really fun,” Tisdale tells EW. “I think Aimee Carrero is so talented and so naturally funny, and the fans love the character. So when thinking about doing this project, we [thought about how we] never explored Sofia and Logan’s dynamic, so this was something new and different.”

And though Young & Hungry fans can expect some crossovers and cameos, they shouldn’t get used to seeing Gabi (Emily Osment) or any of the other original show’s characters in the new series.

“It’s more of a standalone show,” Tisdale said. “There would be some times that we’d have guest appearances from the other show, but it’s mainly a standalone show. They’re two separate worlds.”

Eric McCandless/Freeform

And the new world of Young & Sofia is populated by a new cast, including Ryan Pinkston as lovestruck coworker Leo, Steve Talley as company golden boy Kendrick, and of course, Tisdale as their tough, unapologetic boss Logan Rawlings. Tisdale explained that she was drawn to the role because she could relate to aspects of the character.

“It’s interesting how sometimes your art can imitate your real life, and that’s what got me really excited to do this role again,” Tisdale shared, citing her make-up line and fashion enterprise as examples of businesses she’s running. “The fact that my character is a girl boss herself and is running an online company really drew me to her because I was just like ‘Wow, she’s kind of doing the same thing I’m doing.’”

Alongside Logan’s unstoppable mind for business is another important aspect of her character: her sexuality. Tisdale shared her excitement about playing the lesbian role.

“I love hopefully being a lead on a show as a lesbian because I don’t think we see that very often,” Tisdale said. “It’s obviously something very different for me, and I want to portray her in the best way. I just feel like it’s one of those layers about her that I love to portray.”

The “Young & Sofia” episode of Young & Hungry airs Wednesday, July 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

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