Credit: Kimberley French

Zoe Saldana stopped by Good Morning America on Monday morning to promote Star Trek Beyond, but the actress and ABC News anchors were nearly upstaged by what might be the cutest Star Trek fan in this galaxy.

At the end of the interview, a young girl named Camilla came out in a Uhura costume to ask Salanda a question of her own: “When are you going to be captain of a starship?”

“That’s a fantastic question,” Saldana said, reaching out to give her a high-five before explaining that her Star Trek character is a captain, of sorts, in the upcoming film.

“I would love to be captain!” she replied. “I feel like in this movie in particular, because the crew is split based on the catastrophes that the Enterprise may have to endure, that we all play captain in our own right trying to get ourselves back together and save as many lives as we can. So I do think I got a little glimpse of playing captain in this movie, and I loved it.”

The pair shared a hug and the anchors started to wrap up the segment, but before they could, Camilla said she had one last thing to talk to Saldana about. The girl then held up the Vulcan salute and delivered the sweetest “Live long and prosper” you’ve ever heard.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 22. Watch Saldana’s full interview in the video below.

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