The suitor from season 1 is ready to win back Rachel's heart, the actor says

By Shirley Li
July 18, 2016 at 03:25 PM EDT
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Everlasting‘s former Prince Charming is about to crash the party.

In the last episode of UnREAL, Adam (Freddie Stroma) returned to set after Quinn (Constance Zimmer) called him, hoping he could end Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) partnership with Coleman (Michael Rady). She might succeed this time; after all, Adam’s only goal is to win back Rachel. “His main thing is he still feels for Rachel,” Stroma tells EW. “He’s been trying to deal by being away and trying to get on with life, but ultimately, he still really really wants her.” 

The previous season’s suitor — newly tan from his travels — won’t be easily manipulated, though, even if he’s agreed to be Quinn’s Rachel-toying proxy. “After season 1, he’s aware that there are ulterior motives with Quinn, but he’s willing to take that risk if it means he can come back,” Stroma teases. “[Everlasting‘s] nonsense and madness is not stuff he’s looking forward to… but he’s not worried about getting roped into it.”

James Dittiger/Lifetime

So what happens next? Stroma’s not saying whether Rachel ditches Coleman for another shot with Adam, but Appleby teases that the episode will dive deeper into Rachel’s psyche because of his appearance. “It’s still the question of, ‘What does Rachel’s rock bottom look like?'” she explains. “The end of [the episode] answers that question.”

But if things on the set of Everlasting have reached a boiling point, Stroma’s visit to UnREAL‘s season 2 set was anything but. “It was almost like a school reunion,” the actor recalls. “It’s a show that you’re a major part of and then you realize in season 2, you’re kind of there just to do a little bit, so it was really fun just seeing everyone.” Even if half the cast is new? “It’s funny, because you want to be like, ‘Oh, season 1 is better, because that’s the one I was in,'” he says with a laugh. “But no, [the old and new cast members] were all getting along really well and having a good time.” When it comes to UnREAL, it’s a good thing life doesn’t imitate art.

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

The Lifetime drama—created by Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and featuring Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer—explores the dark behind-the-scenes nature of a reality dating show (which is very clearly mirrored after The Bachelor).
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