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July 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

The 100

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If it’s not one group of people trying to kill on the Ground, it’s another. And just when you think they might all be able to get along, the Earth itself is trying to kill its inhabitants. Things are not looking great for The 100 crew heading into season 4. Hopefully we’ll receive a bit of good news at Friday’s Comic-Con panel, but until then, here’s a reminder of what went down in the season 3 finale.

Where we left off: After entering the City of Light, Clarke defeated A.L.I.E. and saved everyone from leading mindless, AI-controlled existences — but she might not have totally saved the world. Before the AI was destroyed, she told Clarke that humanity is soon going to end. Her plan for bringing everyone into the City of Light was her delusional way of stopping the end of the world. You see, radiation plants around the world are on the brink of destruction and will kill the entire human race in six months. When Clarke comes out of the City of Light, her friends are celebrating saving the world, but she tells them their mission hasn’t been completed.

What we know about season 4: Not much. At some point, Clarke is going to have to break the news that they all only have half a year to live. And Octavia is probably going to have to deal with killing Pike in cold blood.

Comic-Con burning question: How are they going to save the world?

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