It turns out catching ’em all may take quite a bit more than just a few strolls around your neighborhood. Fans of the hit mobile game Pokémon Go may have stumbled upon information that four of the game’s rare creatures can only be found in specific continents.

According to location info on the popular franchise forum Serebii, Tauros can only be caught in North America, Mr. Mime can only be caught in Europe, Farfetch’d is only available in Asia, and Kangaskhan is exclusive to Australia.

If the speculation is correct, the region specifics would mirror animals native to the continents — Tauros being similar to a North American buffalo, Kangaskhan an Australian kangaroo, Farfetch’d an Asian duck, and Mr. Mime representing pantomime arts that originated in Europe.

All hope isn’t totally lost if you can’t afford a quick plane ride to Asia to catch that Farfetch’d — all four of the rumored region-exclusive Pokémon can still be hatched from eggs, presumably anywhere.