Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters this Friday, but we still know very little about the villain. Idris Elba transforms into the alien Krall for Justin Lin’s film, but a surprising new look for the character revealed in a TV spot sheds more light on the mystery.

“The Federation do not care about us,” Krall says in the footage. “They abandoned this planet long ago. You’ll probably never see me again. But if you do, be ready.”

His aggression toward the Federation isn’t surprising, but his appearance is. Elba recites these words out of makeup in an eye-opening transmission found by Uhura (Zoe Saldana), meaning something happens to Krall that transmogrifies him into the ferocious creature we’ve seen in previous trailers.

And the plot thickens. Watch the revealing TV spot below.

“There’s some history that we explore, to understand why he feels the frontier needs to push back. There’s definitely an opposing argument to the good that the Federation think they do,” Elba told EW last year.

“There are purists that believe in independence, and believe that we’re all made differently for a reason, and will fight tooth and nail to defend that. There’s massive relatability to modern world politics in that sense.”

Star Trek: The Original Series
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