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What the heck do you mean Michael is a terrorist on Prison Break?! — Jenny

You’ll have to pick up the Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly (buy it here or subscribe now) for more on that front, but I’ll give you this little tease: Michael’s been branded a terrorist with ties to ISIS, but ISIS isn’t the show’s only big bad, per se. In keeping with the Odyssey theme, Michael too will run afoul of a Cyclops and Poseidon.

I’ll take anything Grey’s Anatomy. — Gina

Though Amelia and Meredith have been at odds, Amelia might find herself the middle-person between her sisters should the Riggs news come out. “Right now, Amelia doesn’t know about either of their situations with Riggs, so that will be something really fun to explore next year — how she’s going to find out about Meredith and how she’s going to find out about Maggie, and how they’re going to deal with it,” Caterina Scorsone says. “I don’t know that they’ll necessarily be at odds. Sisters before misters. It’s possible that they’ll both try and accommodate one another. I’m sure Amelia will do whatever she can do to ease anyone’s pain in that family.”

Adam’s back on UnREAL! Anything you can tease about the drama he’ll bring to Everlasting? — Karol

Quinn calls him back to mess with Rachel’s head, and Adam, who’s still heartsick over losing Rachel last season, is only happy to oblige. “He’s got his eyes on the prize,” Freddie Stroma teases. “He’s adamant about getting Rachel back.” But what about Coleman, her new on-set beau? “Yeah, [another suitor] didn’t stop Adam in season 1, so it’s just in his nature,” the actor jokes. “She’s a wanted lady.”

Got anything on Stiles in Teen Wolf? — Stephanie

Well, now that we know he’s officially back, I can reveal that Stiles will experience at least two significant life moments in season 6 — one in the beginning and one at the end. “[There is] a very definitive scene in episode 1 on the question of Stydia, so I would suggest Stiles and Lydia fans to watch,” showrunner Jeff Davis says. And as for a potential career in law enforcement, Davis says it’s a question that remains in the background for most of the season, but he also says, “It’s something we touch on in the last episode, 610.”

Do you have any Elementary scoop? — Arizona

Considering Morland is planning to dismantle Moriarty’s organization, I’m curious as to whether the people who wanted him to lead will soon turn on him. “It’s very dangerous and it has to be done patiently and with great subtlety,” EP Rob Doherty says. “All of that considered, I couldn’t imagine a better man for the job. I don’t think it’s the kind of thing Morland will attempt to wrap up by a certain deadline. He knows he has to immerse himself, get to know the players and very carefully, very deliberately start to pick them apart.”

How will the team react to Mayfair’s death on Blindspot? — Marcus

In short, not well. “Once they really find out the truth, it’s going to be very hard on Patterson, because she’s the person Patterson has always looked up to and respected,” Ashley Johnson tells me. “It’s hard for Patterson to make adjustments. It’s going to be hard for her in many ways, and she loves Mayfair, so it’s going to be tough.”

Anything on Rizzoli & Isles‘ 100th episode? — Jaimie

You may have heard that Jane will be going undercover in jail during the 100th. Not everyone will be happy about Jane putting herself in danger. In fact, there’s a pretty heated confrontation in that regard. Elsewhere, an incident in the field makes Nina reconsider her professional partnership with Frankie.

With Liz still alive, will Red return to the Post Office on The Blacklist? — Helen

Whether he’s working with the Post Office team or on his own still remains to be seen, but he’ll be determined to get Liz back, regardless of what she’s done. “I can’t imagine him abandoning Liz,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “She hurt him, but we often hurt the people we love. The fact he’s been hurt isn’t nearly enough for him to walk away.”

Will Big Bang Theory pick up where season 9 left off? — Clark

If you’re wondering whether Penny and Leonard will make it down the aisle again, what happened on the eve of their vow renewals might get in the way. “We’re left with a good amount of tension between all the parents,” EP Steve Molaro says. “There’s a lot of fallout the following morning before we even get to the ceremony, if we even do.”

Will we be getting more flashbacks on Animal Kingdom? — Dan

If you’re talking about Smurf flashbacks, the answer is yes, there’s definitely more to that story. But there’s also a possibility to learn more about the Cody brothers. “We definitely do it with Smurf,” Shawn Hatosy says. “We’re starting to get glimpses of her past. And there is a resolution to her history, so hopefully, they do that with each of us. I’m curious because each brother has a different father. I think there’s an opportunity there to get really great actors that are each of our fathers and maybe see in a flashback or even present day to see what that relationship looked like.” Raise your hand if you are scared to meet Pope’s father. *raises hand*

Best news I’ve heard all week: Kid Flash alert!

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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