By Kevin O'Donnell
Updated July 15, 2016 at 03:13 PM EDT

Perhaps no pop superstar this century has mastered the boudoir jam quite like Britney Spears — and on her first single since last summer’s more rave-ready “Pretty Girls,” she goes back to doing what she does best.

This time, she’s tapped breakout rapper/songwriter G-Eazy, British producer BURNS, and songwriter Joe Janiak for a woozy, future-funk burner called “Make Me,” which is packed with whooshing synths and a seductive, dub step-esque boom-bap.

But it’s Brit’s titilating come-hithers that seal the deal — even if her idiomatic expressions are a little dated. “Just want you to raise my roof,” she purrs, flaunting her exquisite vocal fry register. “Something sensational.” You could say the same about “Make Me.” A-

Hear “Make Me” below.