By Christopher Rosen
Updated July 14, 2016 at 01:54 PM EDT
Francois Duhamel

Warren Beatty’s first film in more than a decade has its first trailer. The debut teaser for Rules Don’t Apply dropped on Thursday, showcasing the period film’s romance, comedy, and intrigue — as well as Beatty’s role as billionaire eccentric Howard Hughes.

“I’ve had the idea of making a movie about Howard Hughes in mind for a long time,” Beatty told EW earlier this year about the film, which marks his first time directing since Bulworth in 1998. “We never met, but I sometimes feel like I knew everybody who knew Howard and I never lost my curiosity about him. It’s just that I don’t run around doing movies all the time.”

As Beatty explained, Rules Don’t Apply is a romance about two religious youngsters who come to Hollywood looking for glory. Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich star as the couple, and the trailer teases the complicated relationship each has with Hughes; Collins as an aspiring actress, Ehrenreich as one of his drivers.

The rest of the cast is a who’s who of talent, including Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin, Haley Bennett, Candice Bergen, Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, Steve Coogan, Taissa Farmiga, Ed Harris, Megan Hilty, Oliver Platt, and Martin Sheen.

Rules Don’t Apply is out Nov. 23. Check out the trailer above and the film’s official synopsis below.