What's in the Pokéball?!

Credit: New Line/courtesy Everett Collection

Alamo Drafthouse theaters are embracing the Pokémon Go craze with a friendly reminder to stop training during the movie, all through a clever PSA playing before showings.

The popular cinema chain has been known to enforce a strict “no cell phone use” policy in its theaters, and while that rule still stands, the company is welcoming players of the pocket monster phenomenon to enjoy the game in its lobbies.

Posting a PSA-style video, which can be seen above, on its YouTube page, the Drafthouse short depicts the infamous ending scene from the David Fincher thriller Seven, where Morgan Freeman attempts to open a box left by the notorious serial killer. In this version, an adorable Pikachu pops out instead (with an impressive CP value of 282) causing the detectives to jump back in terror. The classic theme song from the animated Pokémon series begins to play behind the titles: “We love Pokémon, but they don’t belong in the theater.”

Returning to its roots on cell phone use, the video then displays its typical rules with some new Pokéflair. “Don’t talk. Don’t text. Don’t throw any Pokéballs,” states the message. “Got it, Trainers?” Of course, the Drafthouse wants to embrace the phenomenon and instead offers players a chance to earn more eggs, potions, and Pokéballs when the main attraction is over. “Check out the Pokéstop in the lobby after the show!”

Of the 22 Alamo Drafthouse locations in the country, at least 10 are PokéStops, which are locations for trainers to earn new items and connect with other players. The branches with these stops will air the PSA prior to each film in order to keep the fun going, but also allowing all guests to enjoy their film in peace.

Movie theaters aren’t the only locations to lean into the game’s popularity. Independent bookstores have also started changing signage to welcome readers and trainers alike.