#fsociety just hacked EWSnaps

Credit: Christopher Saunders/USA Network

Getting hacked is the worst — except for when it’s the best. Wednesday night, EW’s Snapchat was infiltrated by none other than fsociety’s Darlene, a.k.a. actress Carly Chaikin, prior to the official season 2 premiere of Mr. Robot. Safe to say, we’ve officially joined the revolution.

True to form, Carly introduces her takeover in disguise. Yes, that’s her behind the Snapchat Bee filter (which is a lot cuter than fsociety’s usual mustachioed mask), before playing around with puppy and flower crown facades in the hair and make up chair. Suddenly, the ever mysterious “Mr. Robot” a.k.a. star Christian Slater appears (or does he…?), and shares a sweet hug with Rami Malek as the premiere wraps and the live show prep begins.

Compared to the group’s usual antics, Carly went easy on us — but a hack is a hack, and we’ll wear our fosciety takeover like the badge of honor it truly is. Watch the behind-the-scenes takeover above, and catch up with Darlene, Elliot, and the rest of the crew in our in-depth recap of the season 2 premiere.