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For her latest appearance on The Tonight Show ahead of this weekend’s Ghostbusters opening, Kristen Wiig continued her tradition of never showing up as herself. In the past, Wiig has impersonated everyone from Peyton Manning to Harry Styles. This time, she chose JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette.

The biggest joy of these Wiig cosplay interviews is that she usually doesn’t know much about the people she’s impersonating. Here, for instance, Fallon presented Wiig with pictures of The Bachelorette‘s final four contestants and asked her to name them. According to Wiig, Luke Pell was “Scotchy,” Jordan Rodgers was “Mark Hamill” (Wiig briefly forgot the famous actor by the same name ), Chase McNairy was “Deucey,” and Robby Hayes was “Korn” (in his defense, she had also described him as “that’s the one I like”).

“I don’t think this man would be caught dead at a Korn concert,” Fallon said.

“That just goes to show, that’s what’s so great about the show,” Wiig said. “You don’t know what’s really there.”

Wiig and Fallon subsequently decided on a new slogan for The Bachelorette: “You don’t know what’s really there.”

Watch the clip below.

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