By Dylan Kickham
July 14, 2016 at 03:27 PM EDT
Jenny Lawson/Facebook

Jenny Lawson is doing something completely different for her next book: The author has put together a collection of sketches that she describes as a coloring book with bits of writing, she announced on her website, The Bloggess.

“It’s a coloring book if you like to color. It’s a journal if you like to write in books that make you question what’s going on. It’s a set of posters that make you feel less alone. It’s a collection of one-page stories or important sentences or pictures to tape on bathroom mirrors for strangers to see, or to hand to friends,” Lawson wrote.

The inspiration for the book came from Lawson’s struggle with anxiety disorders and depression, which is something that she’s been very open about both on her blog and in her two autobiographies, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy. According to Lawson, sketching these patterns was something that helped her get through a recent, particularly dark bout of depression.

“Several months ago I feel into a pretty heavy depression and it’s one I’m still crawling out of. I’m finally having more good days than bad, but one of the repercussions of this depression was that it made it almost impossible to write,” Lawson shared. “I couldn’t work on the book I was supposed to be working on because this… thing got in the way. These drawings… I felt like a failure for falling behind on life and missing deadlines, but I have no doubt that these drawings saved me. They gave me a reason, and a creative outlet, and a way to count out the long seconds of the days with each stroke of the pen.”

Though Lawson doesn’t have a release date for the book yet, she promised to share its title and some more drawings soon. Read her full post here.