Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Even after a show’s cancellation, it will always live on in fans’ hearts — but sometimes, it also gets new life in other ways.

Minority Report, The Muppets, and The Whispers are among the recently canceled series that scored Emmy nominations on Thursday morning. To note: We’re not talking about shows that had long lives, like The Good Wife and Downton Abbey, which both earned multiple nominations — or even the unceremoniously axed Mike & Molly, which picked up one nom. No, this list is for the short-lived series:

  • The Muppets, ABC’s one-season attempt to light the lights, earned a nom for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (Half-Hour or Less).
  • Fox’s Minority Report adaptation, its episode order trimmed from 13 to 10 before being axed, picked up a nod for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score).
  • The Whispers, an alien invasion drama canceled by ABC after one season, earned a nom for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.
  • NBC’s critically acclaimed Hannibal, canceled after three seasons back in 2015, is nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.
  • HBO’s Vinyl, which was suddenly canceled after initially receiving a season 2 renewal, picked up a nomination for Outstanding Main Title Design and Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic).
  • Galavant, axed by ABC after two seasons, is nominated for Original Music and Lyrics. Ironically, the episode that’s nominated is the season 2 premiere, titled “A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear.”

This isn’t the first time a show has received an Emmy nomination after being canceled. Freaks and Geeks, Twin Peaks, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Sports Night, Deadwood, and Firefly are all among those who scored nods after getting the ax.

Check out the full list of Emmy nominations here.