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July 14, 2016 at 12:16 PM EDT

Chance the Rapper celebrated the life of Muhammad Ali at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards by performing a new song.

The track — which is not officially titled — opens with a clip from Ali at 35 speaking in 1977 about the importance of helping people around the world. “Back in time/ I lost track of time/ rolling on the road,” Chance the Rapper sings after the clip. Christmas eves and valentines/ Seem like the days before/ I came I went I did well/ I did I really meant well/ But I almost missed my beat/ So thank you for saving me a seat.”

Following another clip from Ali, this one discussing how God doesn’t care about accomplishments but rather how people treat each other, the chorus kicks in: “I was a rock/ I was a rock and roller /Back in my day/ But now I’m just a rock/ I was a rock and roller/ Back in my day/ But now I’m just a rock/ I was a rock.”

“It was an honor. Rest in peace Muhammad Ali, He is in a much better place,” Chance wrote on Twitter following the performance.

Watch the full performance, which included support from Donnie Trumpet, Jamila Woods, Peter Cottontale, and Teddy Jackson, below.

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