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Aziz Ansari is busy writing season 2 of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Master of None, but he and the rest of his team still took a few minutes off Thursday morning to celebrate the comedy’s three Emmy nominations.

“I didn’t want to watch, but I got outvoted by the other writers, and so we turned it on. It was fun,” Ansari — who was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Actor — tells EW. “Everyone went nuts when The Americans got nominated, when People vs. O.J. got nominated.” He adds: “And when our show got nominated.”

Master of None also was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series along with both Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. The series, co-created by Alan Yang, follows Dev (Ansari) as he navigates dating and life in general in New York.

At EW Fest, Ansari revealed how he looked to films featuring conversational dialogue like Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset for writing inspiration and to ’70s cinema, including films by Hal Ashby and Woody Allen, for directing. All of those influences are especially visible in “Parents,” an episode about how young people relate to their parents that earned the show its Outstanding Directing nod.

“It’s one of those things where we thought it was a special episode when we were making it, but we didn’t know it would have the response that it did,” Ansari previously told EW. “It’s so nice to see all these people writing nice things about it and saying they relate to it. I have so many friends texting me that they were crying and now they’re calling their parents. It’s really cool. That episode was really personal to me and Alan Yang, and we’re glad it turned out well.”

Master of None‘s second season will debut on Netflix in April 2017. See the full list of Emmy nominations here.

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