'He wants to make sure that Liam can take the wheel,' he tells EW

By Samantha Highfill
July 13, 2016 at 01:47 PM EDT
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For Scott, Teen Wolf‘s sixth season is going to be one of change. Not only is he going to be experiencing the single life, but there’s also the fact that high school graduation is approaching, and he has to ask himself what that will mean for his life, his pack, and his town. Could Scott ever say goodbye to Beacon Hills?

“They’re on the verge of graduation and it’s a big thing for them,” Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis tells EW. “It’s especially a big thing for Scott who is worried about how he can leave Beacon Hills: Is he going to be passing the mantle on to Liam who isn’t yet an alpha but desperately wants to start acting like one?” 

Tyler Posey adds, “A huge part of the season is Scott potentially taking off at a certain point and not being the protector of Beacon Hills anymore and that’s really weighing on him because he loves his town and he loves his friends and family but he knows he has to move on.”

And with what Davis calls a “more high school-focused season,” fans can expect Scott’s decision to play a big part. Posey continues: “There’s this conflict where he wants to leave but doesn’t want the town to explode, so he wants to make sure that when he’s gone, there’s people there to take care of Beacon Hills for him. So he’s not recruiting like a little army but he’s making sure the pack is as strong and stable as possible before he takes off — Liam, specifically. He wants to make sure that Liam can take the wheel.”

Teen Wolf will return for its sixth season this fall on MTV.

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