Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images

It seems Pokémon Go might be a great way to meet some celebrities.

A New Yorker took to Reddit to share a photo of herself with Daily Show host Trevor Noah. “I caught Pokémon with Trevor Noah on a random park bench in NYC today,” writes Reddit user TheStarsAreWaiting.

She relayed the entire encounter, which involved her spotting two lures (devices in the game that draw Pokémon to a specific location) near a park. Upon reaching the spot, she noticed Noah playing the game on his iPad, and he told her, “You know there’s a Scyther right over there.” She noted that the host had placed the lures himself and had successfully caught the rare Bug-type Pokémon.

Noah isn’t the only celebrity trying to catch ’em all. Heisenberg himself Bryan Cranston posted a video about the game, and musician John Mayer shared on Instagram his decision to purchase a hefty amount of PokéCoins for the steep price of $99.99.

Pokémon GO is currently available on iOS and Android.