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Jack’s lips delicately met Rose’s on the bow of the Titanic, Noah gave Allie a passionate peck under the falling rain in The Notebook, and Margaret Cho once shoved a drunk Anna Nicole Smith against a wall before planting a wet one on the former Playboy covergirl’s face.

Among the most comical lip locks in pop culture history, Cho’s sloppy smooch with the late model finds its proper place as the kiss that keeps on giving; footage of the incident aired on The Anna Nicole Show in 2002, Cho dished on the kiss in her 2003 stand-up special Revolution, and later wrote a song about it for her 2016 album American Myth. Now, appearing on Viceland’s Party Legends, Cho discusses at length her first encounter with Smith at a holiday party nearly 13 year ago, and EW has an exclusive, NSFW clip (above) from the series, in which the comedian details every minute of the experience.

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“I was sober for a while, but then I got this invitation to go to Anna Nicole Smith’s house,” Cho says, as an animated interpretation of the event plays onscreen, showing the actress arriving for a party at Smith’s lavish mansion. She later made her way to the garden, where she discovered a large ice sculpture of Smith’s naked body.

“You could pour a shot of Jägermeister into the mouth. It would go through the ice body and you could suck it out of her vagina,” Cho recalls. “This was a great threat to my sobriety… even though I was sober, I thought, ‘Well, if I do take this shot of Jäger, maybe that’ll embolden me to go up into her medicine cabinet upstairs and steal all the good stuff.”

Cho says Smith convinced her to do a shot by demonstrating how to properly “use” the sculpture.

“The surrealness of her pouring the Jägermeister into the top and then sucking the Jägermeister out of her own vagina, it tore down all of my resistance,” she admits.

As she quickly became intoxicated, Cho says she noticed Smith’s reality TV crew had been filming the entire party. She took that as a license to kill.

“I grabbed her by the shoulders and I actually slammed her against the wall, and we started kissing. Her mouth was very soft, just like you think Anna Nicole Smith’s mouth would be,” the former Drop Dead Diva star remembers. “Delicious, salty, sweet, and womanly; It tasted vaguely of pickles. A dill pickle spear. Not a pickle chip, a whole spear. I believe she had just eaten a whole pickle spear.”

Though she doesn’t remember much else, Cho savors the evening all the same. “I was so lucky to be able to be there and see her alive… at her greatest beauty,” she says.

Watch Cho’s full account of her kiss with Smith in the clip above. Party Legends airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Viceland.

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