Credit: NBC

Alfredo and Anna Silva are experts at not getting cut, but they’ll have to put that impeccable skill to the test Wednesday night during the first elimination round of America’s Got Talent. Judging from the married couple’s gasp-inducing performance, though, they may be slicing through the competition.

For their return performance, Alfredo precisely flings knives at small balloons his wife is holding in her hands and mouth. The pair then up the stakes when Anna is strapped to a wheel and Alfredo hurls knives at her sides as she spins around. The looks of both horror and amazement from the judges and audience say it all.

The act builds on the Silvas’ audition performance last month, which featured Anna moving her body as Alfredo threw knives, and Alfredo throwing flaming knives. That audition earned the duo a unanimous “Yes” vote from all four judges.

Their new episode of America’s Got Talent airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Check out the Silvas’ performance below.

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