Credit: Hallmark

Cats. They amuse on the internet. They silently judge us. They thumb their little noses at gravity. And now they will scratch and claw their way to new heights of athletic achievement. On August 5 at 8 p.m. ET — why yes, the exact time NBC will air the opening cremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics — Hallmark Channel will unleash Kitten Summer Games.

More than 100 felines will compete in a series of gymnastics, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, and track and field events, and, don’t you worry, puns have been pushed past their limits to bring you thematically appropriate names like Nadia Come ‘N Scratch Me and Pawdre Ag-Hissy. While the tennis and gymnastics “cat-letes” have already been revealed by Hallmark (home of Kitten Bowl, a feline knock-off of Puppy Bowl), EW can give you a first look at the competitors in field and track, including Cat Lewis and Hissing Bolt (not injured!), as well as some non-punny hopefuls like Freckles. Check out this footage from the trials, with breathless commentary by Mary Carillo and David Frei.

Beth Stern, actress, author, animal rights activist, and wife of Howard Stern, will serve as the host of Kitten Summer Games, which is designed to promote feline adoption.