By Christian Holub
Updated July 13, 2016 at 12:44 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

In the new Ghostbusters reboot, Kate McKinnon plays Jillian Holtzmann, an expert at building scientific equipment and weapons. In real life, however, McKinnon is somewhat less adept at workshopping things, as she told Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday night.

Between this summer’s Ghostbusters press junkets, McKinnon decided to embark on a home DYI project. She tried refinishing her coffee tables because, in her words, “My fondest wish is to live as Nick Offerman.” It didn’t quite work, unfortunately. McKinnon assembled all the different supplies she needed, but the actress is not exactly an experienced woodworker. Further complicating things, her cat wandered onto the terrace in the middle of the project and got quickly covered in sawdust.

“I saw my cat, he was sooty and he was ingesting all this lacquer, so I had to give him a bath for the first time,” McKinnon said. “His usual sounds are like (soft meow), but when I put him in the bath it was like ‘UHHHHHHH’ and ‘AAAAHHH.'”

Those are sounds you need to hear for yourself. Watch the clip below.

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