Here's a peek at her new ABC digital comedy series
Credit: ABC

Forever 31

How many 30-somethings do you know that believe in goblins? Whatever your answer, the number just went up by one — and she makes a pretty compelling case.

In a clip from her new short-form digital comedy series Forever 31, which debuts today on ABC’s revamped streaming service, comedian Iliza Shlesinger unlocks the mysteries of the party goblin. As the Last Comic Standing winner explains, this mischievous creature resides in the back of one’s brain, waiting for “the perfect random moment” to wake up and wreak havoc on a person’s inhibitions.

For Shlesinger, that translates to consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, dancing on tables with no musical accompaniment, and sending ill-advised text messages.

Watch the video above for more, and click here to read more about ABC’s new streaming offerings.

Forever 31
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